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Melissa Harris-Perry And Bell Hooks Discuss Black Womanhood, Politics And Media (VIDEO)

On Friday afternoon, The New School hosted a riveting conversation with bell hooks (née Gloria Watkins) and Melissa Harris-Perry on race, black womanhood, politics, media, and love. What transpired was an exchange of pure brilliance, raw honesty, and smart analysis around a topic not discussed often enough — the plight and experiences of black women. And in […]

Whitewashed, Unmasking the World of Whiteness

Spoken Word Halloween Anti-Stereotyping

Congratulations to Volume 6 SPRINKLE

Please take a moment to check out the October 2013 issue of Sprinkle: An Undergraduate Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies just recently posted in our journals section. Consider contributing to this unique and important journal

dialogue and the tyranny of positionality

I recently re-read Augusto Boal’s Legislative Theatre. In the Prologue he writes: In reality, does dialogue  exist, ever? Or is the contrary the case – that what we think is dialogue never actually goes beyond parallel or overlapping monologues?…Could it be that we merely speak and cease speaking, intermittently, rather than speaking and listening? We know […]

Reminder on how to blog

Hi everyone! Here is a quick outline on how to blog on our site: http://www.freireproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Freire_Blogging.pdf  

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