The Freire Project is dedicated to building an international critical community which works to promote social justice in a variety of cultural contexts. We are committed to supporting activism and critical research in cultural, youth, community and media.

Named for Paulo Freire, this site emphasizes the impact of power relationships and demands not only examination in inequality, but active participation in doing good work. We are committed to global development through this site, highlighting its relevance with marginalized and disenfranchised peoples.

This website contains networking assistance, archival materials, and public access publications. We offer space for journals to be housed, community discussion space, collaborative opportunities, and links to sister organizations throughout the world.

This site is dedicated to Paulo Freire, Jesus “Pato” Gomez and Joe L. Kincheloe.

The Freire Project is the home site and sponsor for The International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership.


Executive Director and Founder:

Shirley R. Steinberg
Professor of Youth Studies, The University of Calgary
Chair and Director, The Werklund Foundation Centre for Youth Leadership Education

Director and Webmaster:

Michael B. MacDonald
Assistant Professor of Popular Music, MacEwan University