Welcome to The Freire Project’s Teacher Resources page where you will find resources for using critical pedagogy in the classroom. We have recommendations for books to use in class, lesson plans that have been uploaded by teachers committed to using critical pedagogy in their classrooms. You can also share pictures of critical classrooms in action.

In the interest of “re-creating” and “rewriting” the ideas of Paulo Freire, the focus of our Teacher Resources page is to create a space in which we all share our classroom experiences. The goal is not to merely reduce the concepts and practices of critical pedagogy to one technique or to a few simple steps, but to interpret the teachings of Paulo Freire in a way that means something to each of us. So we invite you to search through this section and read the recommended books, download the templates, use the lesson plans, but also to share how you made them work for your specific class environment in our forum or in your own blog. In order to truly create a community in which critical pedagogy flourishes, it must be talked about; there must be a dialogue.

In speaking about Freire’s “antimethod pedagogy,

Donaldo Macedo and Ana Maria Araújo Freire explain that it is precisely the steering away from a specific way of teaching that “forces us to view dialogue as a form of social praxis so that the sharing of experiences is informed by reflection and political action… The antimethod pedagogy also frees us from the beaten path of certainties and specialties… In short, it calls for the illumination of Friere’s leading ideas, ideas that will guide us toward the critical road of truth, toward the reappropriation of our endangered dignity, toward the reclaiming of our humanity.”
Macedo, D., & Araújo Freire, A. (2005). Foreword. In P. Freire, Teachers as Cultural Workers: Those who dare to teach (vii-xxvi). Boulder: Westview Press.