Sprinkle was originally conceived in 2007 as a collection of student works from the McGill Sexual Diversity Studies department. We hope to widen this scope a bit, but continue to produce a queer-positive, critical journal that seeks to challenge the normative experiences that are often privileged within our society. In this vein, we hope to draw attention to queer history and experience as well as other issues of gender and sexuality, subjects not often addressed within classroom curricula. This journal hopes to draw from and appeal to a wide audience, and people of numerous identities and backgrounds. Sprinkle aims to lend legitimacy to the thoughts and experiences of young people, and produce an engaging publication.

Table of Contents Vol. 8

Table of Contents

  • Editorial: “Some Perspective”
    Sean Martinez
  • Editorial: Sprinkle growing
    Elizabeth J. Meyer

“The Personal is Political”: The Potential for Emotions and Feelings for Feminist and Queer Studies

  • Marriage Equality and “It Gets Better”: Neoliberalism and the absence of political feeling
    Kristi Carey
  • Psychosomatic Disorders in the Queer Community
    Tanner Gill
  • Subversion of the Transgender Gaze Through Cisnormativity
    Debra Beight

Under the Knife: Trans and Intersex Identity Issues in Medicine

  • The Case of M.C. – An Argument for Legal, Medical, and Social Recognition of Ambiguity
    Debra Beight
  • Between Autonomy and Alienation in Sex- Reassignment Surgery
    Annthony M. Duffey
  • Grotesque bodies: Transsexuals’ struggle for truth in Iran
    Marie Lecuyer
  • Creative Submission: liberation is not wearing a bra to the gym
    Maggie Deagon

Gender Work: Gender Performativity Reconsidered

  • Gender Work: Survival, Subversion, and Subjectivity for Queer and Trans Youth
    Josie Wenig
  • Bending the Binary: LGBTQ Sex Workers’ Gender Presentations
    Nicole White
  • “I didn’t think you could be any more butch”: Gender Performance, Expressions of Masculinity and Rape in Veronica Mars
    Chelsee Bergen

A Contemporary Debate on the Status of Women in the Workplace

  • For Those on Glass Cliffs: The Nature of Women in Power as Explored through Frozen, The Abramson Effect, and “Let It Go”
    Raelissa Glennon-Zukoff
  • Rational Emotion, Feminine Professionalism, and Cooperative Success: Women Scientists in Star Trek: Voyager as Challenges to the Dominant Ideology
    Kiran Mccloskey

Self, System, or Society? Contemporary Debates on Sex and Sexual Violence

  • Nonconsensual Pornography
    Hannah McNeil
  • (Please Don’t) Take Me to Church
    Allie Begin
  • Effects of School Curriculum on Sexual Health
    Emma Sturm
  • Sexual Assault: Whose Fault is it Anyway in a Rape Culture?
    Grace Pappas


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