Sprinkle was originally conceived in 2007 as a collection of student works from the McGill Sexual Diversity Studies department. We hope to widen this scope a bit, but continue to produce a queer-positive, critical journal that seeks to challenge the normative experiences that are often privileged within our society. In this vein, we hope to draw attention to queer history and experience as well as other issues of gender and sexuality, subjects not often addressed within classroom curricula. This journal hopes to draw from and appeal to a wide audience, and people of numerous identities and backgrounds. Sprinkle aims to lend legitimacy to the thoughts and experiences of young people, and produce an engaging publication.

Table of Contents Vol. 11

5 Editorial: Sprinkle throughout the Years

Emma Sturm

7 Editorial: Continuing Our Work

Elizabeth Adan

Rethinking Classic Queer Theory

10 The Only Thing We Have to Queer Is Queer Itself: Naming the Cultural Machine of Radical Sexual Politics

Cassiopeia Mulholland-London

23 Does Racial Triangulation Unravel Intersectionality?

Samantha Keng

Revisiting Classic Feminist Literature and

Literary Systems

36 A Forbidden Act: Illicit Sex and the Colonial Heterosexual Matrix

Rain Tiller

48 Banning Blackness: Race, Gender-Based Violence, and Classroom Censorship

Amelia Roskin-Frazee

58 The Legacy of the Feminist Bookstore Network: Lesbianism’s Indelible Bookstore Beginnings

Hannah Quire

Integrating Trans Identities into Knowledge Production

72 (C)locked Up: Transgender Women in the American Prison System

Krystina Millar

87 A Gender-Non-Conforming Method: Trans* Methodologies for Trans* Subjects

ilia Forkin

Transnational Feminism

98 Decolonizing Gender-Based Violence Advocacy: The Development of an Undocumented Survivor Resource Training

Zulema Aleman

129 Necrocapitalism and U.S. Imperialism: The Gulf War, Hurricane Katrina, Palestine, Gentrification, and Police Violence

Gianna Bissa

142 Cyber Fantasies: Rina Sawayama, Asian Feminism, and Techno-Orientalism in the Age of Neoliberalism

June Kuoch & Allegro Wang

159 The Challenges LGBT+ Asylum-Seekers and Refugees Face in the United States

Yordanos Molla

170 Acknowledgements

Vol. 11 currently available

Table of Contents Vol. 10

Table of Contents

8 Editorial: Celebrating Sprinkle Jane Lehr

Beyond LGBTQ: Re-creating Queer Identities

  • 11 Creative Submission: I Return to the Place I Ran From

                 Ian Gillespie

  • 13 LGBTQ People of Color and Digital Spaces of Empowerment

                 Eden Bonjo

  • 25 Bodies without Organs (BwO) and the Self: Reading Leo Bersani through Deleuze & Guattari

                 Jing Hao Liong

  • 36 Standing Under a Sign to Which One Does Not Belong: Desire and (Dis)identification in Catherine Opie’s Self-Portrait Series.

                  Jenna June

  • 46 Shame and the Struggle of Sexual Identity

Brooke English

Conscious Consumption: Intersectional Media Studies

  • 55 Creative Submission: For the Androgynous

Elias Fulmer

  • 56 Exploiting Non-Western Women in Media Representation

                 Gabrielle Miller

  • 66 Enriching the Story: Asexuality and Aromanticism in Literature

                 Adrienne Whisman

  • 77 La Negra Tiene Tumbao: Multimodal Resistance Strategies of Afro-Latinxs and Other Queer Constructions

                 Kassandra Colón Cisneros

  • 88 Misrepresentation of Women of Color in Western Media

Nicole C. Schutte

Intersectionality in Action

  • 103 Creative Submission: Freedom?

                 Ian Gillespie

  • 105 Ambiguous Identities: Gesturing Towards an Intersectional Conception of Freedom

                 Shaun Soman

  • 116 A Pre-Medical Student’s Reconciliation of Feminist Narratives Regarding Women’s Health: A Consideration of Perspectives on Childbirth in the U.S.

                 Laura Clayton

  • 129 Revolutionizing Space: A Case Study on Accessibility and Comfort

                Jennifer MacMartin

  • 137 The Historical Roots of Stereotypes of Black Women Established by the Old South

                Cristina Tenreiro

  • 148 The Complex Intersections of Being a Latina Immigrant Survivor: How Multiple Systems of Oppression Enable Intimate Partner Violence

                Zulema Aleman


Vol. 10 currently available

Table of Contents Vol. 9

Table of Contents

  • Editorial: Changing Directions
    Alex Castro & Sam Shrader
  • Editorial: On Collaboration and Community
    Elizabeth J. Meyer & Jane Lehr

Queering Sports: Transnational Perspectives on Athletics

  • The Development of Women’s Professional Soccer Globally
    Allison Aggarwal
  • The Gay-Friendly Games: Homonationalism and the Olympics
    Julianna Duholke

Hidden Discourses: Gender and Sexuality in Medicine, Science, and Technology

  • The Silent Victims: HIV in the Deaf Community
    Hali Kohls
  • Medicating Gender
    Emma Hahn
  • Where Does Sexual Orientation Come From? Essentialism, Social Constructivism, and the Limits of Existing Epigenetic Research
    Matt Klepfer

Unexplored Radical Potentials in Literature, History, and Society

  • Let My People Go: A Reconceptualization of Black Exodus Discourses Using The Color Purple
    Isaac Seessel
  • The Corset: Constriction or Liberation?
    Amanda Lieb
  • A Woman Born Twice: Esther Greenwood’s Reconstruction of the Female Identity in a Pervasively Patriarchal 1950’s America
    Taylor Steinbeck

Planting the Seed: Gendered Experiences in Early Education

  • Binary Ever After: Gender Representation of Non- Human & Non-Animal Characters in Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out
    Sarah Hethershaw
  • Gender Discrimination in the Classroom: How Teaching Policies Can Help Close the Gap
    Olivia Wycoff

Beyond Essentialism: Criticisms of Mainstream Feminism

  • Reproductive Rights as a Tactic of Necropolitics under Neoimperialism
    Haley Kimberli
  • Western Nations’ Use of the Malala Fund
    Austin Greitz
  • Intersectionality in the Case of Cece McDonald
    Austin Greitz
  • Queering Feminism: Rejecting Imperialist Methods of Silencing
    Mikayla Burress


Vol. 9 currently available



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